Airport Layout Plan

FAA Conditional Approval Letter

  • FAA Conditional Approval Letter – download


Human Health Risk Assessment

The Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) was prepared by Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. (Geosyntec) and examined the Adjacent Property, the 49-acre site that is the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority’s preferred location for a 355,000-square-foot, 14-gate terminal, parking and utility support structures. The HHRA utilizes certain regulatory benchmarks to evaluate the potential for the occurrence of adverse human health effects from possible exposures to chemical compounds detected on the Adjacent Property. Based on the results of the HHRA, Geosyntec determined that the Adjacent Property is compatible for the construction and operation of a Elevate BUR and associated facilities.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

As part of the federal environmental review process, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed construction and operation of the 14-gate replacement passenger terminal building and ancillary improvements. The DEIS and its technical appendices, are posted below.

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Draft EIS

Burbank Airport Soil and Soil Vapor Investigation Report

Soil and soil vapor testing was conducted at 144 locations located across the preferred site for the new terminal. The primary objective of the investigation was to evaluate the potential presence of chemical constituents in soil and soil vapor, with the data collected to be used by the Authority to prepare a site-specific human health risk assessment (HHRA). The Soil and Soil Vapor Investigation Report, including its technical appendices, is posted below.


EFI Global Technical Memorandum

  • Memorandum (summary document) – download

Attachment A

Attachment B

Attachment C Soil Laboratory Reports

Attachment D

  • Physical Parameters for Soil—PTS Lab reports – download

Attachment E

  • Soil Vapor tests— Positive Lab Service reports – download
Final Environmental Impact Report

The Airport’s Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) forecasts that the impacts of each Replacement Terminal development option would be similar to impacts of the current terminal; that anticipated increases in passengers and flights would occur regardless of whether a Replacement Terminal is built; and that the activity levels the Airport experienced between 2006 and 2008 are not projected to occur again during the period studied. The document, including its technical appendices, are posted below.



FEIR: Main FEIR Sections
VOLUME 1 – download
  1. Once you download the pdf, please use the bookmark icon to navigate between chapters.
FEIR: Appendices
VOLUME 2 – download
  1. A. Notice of Preparation
  2. B. Scoping Report
  3. C. Meeting Airport Safety Enhancement Objectives
  4. D. Replacement Terminal Conceptual Term Sheet
  5. E. Forecasts
  6. F. Air Quality Technical Report
  7. G. Cultural Resources Technical Report
VOLUME 3 – download
  1. H. Geology and Soils Technical Report
  2. I. Gas Emissions Technical Report
  3. J. Hydrology and Water Quality Technical Report
  4. K. Noise Technical Report
  5. L. Transportation and Traffic Technical Report (partial)
VOLUME 4 – download
  1. L. Transportation and Traffic Technical Report (partial)
VOLUME 5 – download
  1. L. Transportation and Traffic Technical Report (partial)
  2. M. Growth Inducement
VOLUME 6 – download
  1. N.1 Introduction
  2. N.2 List of Commenters
  3. N.3 Errata to the Draft EIR
  4. N.4 Master Responses
  5. N.5 Comments and Responses to Comments on the Draft EIR

Notice of Completion

DEIR Update Presentation

The DEIR has been released for public review. This Presentation provides an update on the document and the process ahead – download

The 14-Gate Replacement Terminal Project and Protections for Burbank

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