For Airport patrons:

  • The same number of short-term and valet parking spaces adjacent to the terminal
  • The same passenger loading and unloading from the aircraft parking apron
  • A variety of restaurants and concessions
  • Wider corridors and more spacious waiting areas
  • Up to date facilities for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) passenger and baggage security screenings
  • More room for airline baggage processing and roomier baggage claim areas
  • Improved ticket lobby and airline check-in and baggage drop-off facilities
  • Adequate space for airline administrative, bag service, and ticket offices
  • Fully integrated designs for ADA accessibility

For Burbank:

  • The same number of passenger gates: 14 and no more
  • Noise reduction efforts will remain in effect — voluntary nighttime curfew, noise rules enforcement, noise monitoring, and support for Federal curfew legislation
  • With supermajority voting, the Commission can never do the following without the approval of Burbank:
    • Increase the number of airline gates
    • Acquire land
    • End the voluntary nighttime curfew on scheduled airline operations
    • Change the existing noise rules or how they are enforced
    • Expand the existing terminal or any new terminal
    • Abandon the Authority’s support for Congressional approval to implement a mandatory nighttime curfew on all aircraft
    • And approve management contracts or leases in excess of 35 years

For the local economy:

  • An investment in the local economy paid for by the FAA, airlines, and airport users — NOT local taxpayers
  • Creates hundreds of jobs in construction, transportation, and services
  • Attracts more companies and jobs to nearby Media District North
  • Creates a new front door for millions of visitors to Burbank and the region
  • Strengthens Burbank brand as a growing media and high-tech hub

For the environment:

  • Encourages the use of public transportation with more rail and bus links to the Airport and adjacent commercial areas
  • Develops a state-of-the-art Replacement Terminal with an energy-efficient central HVAC plant
  • Continues and enhances current Airport sustainability initiatives

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